About Us

A business intelligence consulting company, operating primarily on the Qlik platform, DM Tech Solutions provides strategy, project management, migration, solution architecture and development, and maintenance and support for both long and short term engagements. From concept to delivery and beyond, we walk with our clients through the world of Qlik, and we are always focused on delivering exceptional value and customer service. Although we service many industries, our area of expertise is in banking / financial services.

DM Tech was started by a QlikView solution architect that has a broad range of knowledge and expertise, working in corporations both as an end-user and in IT as an application developer. This, coupled with a driven and disciplined work-ethic, drives our vision of insightful and efficient engagements. We leverage deep experience and knowledge, collaborating with stakeholders and end-users, to develop, design, and deliver precise roadmaps for useful solutions. We are the force that connects stakeholder's and end user's requirements to dynamic and intuitive applications, efficiently managing projects to deliver the desired solution.

We specialize in “concept to delivery” end-to-end development engagements, particularly when the development team is under cost constraints or has a small resource pool, providing business analysis, user experience and interface design, application architecture, implementation and migration strategy, systems analysis, and development services. We are experts in building data warehouse / business intelligence solutions.

How can we help? Engage us by email at

info@dmtechsolutions.com or by phone at 214-883-4222 CST.