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Banks and financial institutions traditionally rely on multiple systems to run their businesses. Aside from the core system there are many auxiliary systems, as well as in-house custom applications and tools. Often, the use of multiple systems yields inconsistent data that should be standard across all systems. There is also the cost of purchasing custom reports from vendors. Normally, none of these systems are set up to talk to each other and they require a lot of time, energy, and effort by office personnel to consolidate the data for financial statements, regulatory reports, and other analysis.

DM Tech Solutions knows how to solve this problem, and we are doing just that. With years of banking and financial experience, we are helping our clients improve their reporting and analytics operations. We are operationally focused and work with your employees to develop data tools and applications across multiple departments that supports the overall success of the company.

Imagine having one tool and system that automatically acquires, consolidates, standardizes, analyzes, and delivers data at a fraction of the time and cost of your current processes. We work with your team to pre-build reports, scorecards, key performance indicators, and comprehensive dashboards that will eliminate manual processes and excel spreadsheets. Some of the areas that we have built QlikView dashboards for include deposit and loan operations work flow management, human resources loan production and performance, bonus plans and performance-based compensation, compliance active directory and security modeling, portfolio management, asset/liability management, investment analysis, risk management, marketing, product tailoring, credit scoring, banking industry analysis, accounting and financial statements, and several other areas.

Contact Marcus, our principal solution architect, to learn more about our company and unique services. Before becoming an expert in the field of data analytics and visualizations, he has held many roles in business operations, including Assistant Controller / AVP of an OTS regulated thrift with assets totaling over $1.1B. His knowledge and experience drive our successful engagement utilizing a broad range of strategies to execute skills at all levels of the company.

An executive level dashboard gives senior managers numerous key metrics and indicators in one place for a complete picture of bank operations. Each section is supported by a mini-application, and contains row-level data for deeper analytics.

Applying complex business rules and logic to consolidated data drives a number of pre-calculated regulatory reports, statements, and disclosures. Sensitivity and what-if scenario testing can be conducted at random. Accounting and finance reports can be automated, as well.

Loan portfolio information is viewable by loan officers in different regions and by HR to calculate incentive and bonus plans. Within the comprehensive loan dashboard is underlying data, analytics, and reports on REO, NPLs, and much more.

Analyzing new money flow throughout the organization gives a clear picture of customers' external banking relationships.

A visual representation of your loan portfolio as it is impacted by non-performing loan classes.

Consolidating budget data from multiple MS Excel files into one file automatically. It is extremely fast, efficient, and eliminates the manual process of copy and paste. The consolidated data is stored in one file for easy reporting and analysis.

Relevant AS400 libriares are converted to SQL tables with "field friendly" names on a nightly ETL job, allowing end-users to export raw data to MS Excel for on-the-fly reporting and anlaysis. This allows for faster data delivery, and reduces the time and cost associated with having a DB2 programmer build a custom library file.

UView Case360 workflow database is used to drive a reporting and process automation dashboard allowing deposit operations and branch managers to receive faster notification of work process exceptions.

In-house systems, cloud application data, MySQL, MS Access, and many other data sources consolidate in the on premise data warehouse to drive thoughtful analytics, and process automation.

We provide deeper insights like which CDs were the top performers, what are the average rates before and after a bump-up special, which CDs are opened with checks from an external bank, what is the institution's name and location, and does the funds stay with the bank or leave when a CD matures.

Standardize budget to actual reporting, and publish results to a larger community. Eliminate the manual processes, and emailing of files and analysis. Track and monitor budget on a daily basis with ease.

Gain insights into paid interest rates between CD specials and savings accounts, the cost of money, and what happens to the money when the CD ultimately matures.

Customer characteristics and transactional behavior yields insights into product performance and adoption rates.

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